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Somnath Boards - Plywoods

Our Plywood is very popular in the market owing to its unique bonding strength and durability.We offer a full range of sizes and grades from stock. We are also able to supply, to special order, cut-to-size, preprinted and flame retardant panels.

Standard Size (In Mtrs.)
2.44 X 1.22, 2.14 X 1.22, 1.84 X 1.22
2.44 X 0.92, 2.14 X 0.92. 1.84 X 0.92



Somnath Boards - Block-Boards

Somnath Block Boards are made up of extra thick grade ‘A’ veneers and are filled with premium imported hardwood and eco friendly Poplar wood, cut out of central beams and composed core-stock of batons.Meticulously selected real timber endows our Board with greater mechanical strength compared to other boards.

  Interior Grade Exterior Grade
Modulus of Elasticity 4500 N/mm2 5500 N/mm2
Modulus of Rupture 45 N/mm2 55 N/mm2
Standard Size (In Mtrs.)
2.44 X 1.22, 2.14 X 1.22, 1.84 X 1.22.
2.44 X 0.92, 2.14 X 0.92, 1.84 X 0.92.



Somnath Boards - Flush-Doors

In one quick glance, you can identify the beautifully reliable quality of a Somnath Flush door. It’s right there in every detail, beginning with well-selected raw materials, and continuing with the meticulous machining and assembly of each component. With our Flush interior doors throughout your home, know that you’ll have long-lasting, dependable performance and a look that will work effortlessly in your home’s interior. With so many wood species, pre-finishes and core types to choose from, deciding which to select may well be the most difficult part. To determine flush species and colour availability.

Standard Size (In Mtrs.)
2105 x 900, 2105 x 800, 2105 x 700
2005 x 900, 2005 x 800, 2005 x 700
1905 x 900, 1905 x 800, 1905 x 700

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